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Interiors That Impress

Interiors + Impressions is a boutique design consulting firm specializing in creating elegant, luxurious interior spaces that leave a lasting impression. Our design solutions are crafted with exceptional quality and unparalleled care.


Our work lies at the intersection of beauty, lifestyle and functionality, and we take pride in tailoring each project to the unique needs of our clients. We go above and beyond just decorative finishes and styling — our customer-centric approach incorporates our clients’ unique personalities, lifestyle and needs to transform interiors

from simple spaces into purposeful places. 


With experience in both residential and commercial design, we are experts at maximizing the potential of a space while maintaining a distinct sense of style and creativity. As a boutique firm, we are able to handle each aspect of a project with a personal touch, and are proud to have an exclusive partnership with KARE to complement our services. We are connected to a robust network of trades, suppliers and industry professionals that we can refer our clients to, and work seamlessly with other partners to put the finishing touch on any design project. 



Interiors + Impressions is a distinctively experienced design and styling consulting firm defined by elegance, luxury, beauty, creativity, reliability, and impeccable customer service. Through our work, we strive to translate and reflect our clients’ personalities, lifestyle needs, dreams, and vision into their spaces while always delivering our signature I+I WOW-factor. 

—  Christina Clavero, Sales Representative & Managing Director, The Agency


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